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Work Awareness and You (WAY) represents The Promise Foundation's earliest work in the field of career guidance.  WAY was a part of our Core Projects and was delivered directly by specialists from our teams.  WAY was designed to meet the career development needs of the disadvantaged adolescent and was available both in English and Kannada and was delivered mainly in Government Schools through the Department of Public Instruction.  WAY rests on the premise that every individual has talents and potentials that could become his or her career and source of livelihood. The intervention combines traditional methods of career counselling such as aptitude testing and career information, with interventions that address the young person's attitudes and mindsets. WAY attempts to provide the young person with career development skills that could place him/her on a trajectory toward gainful employment.


The WAY Workshop

WAY focuses on school to work transition.  The programme is theoretically grounded in some of the most current conceptions of the human potential (e.g. Theory of Multiple Intelligences) and established theories of career psychology (e.g. Social Cognitive Career Theory).  WAY is conducted directly in schools that cater to children from lower income groups.  WAY is delivered in the workshop format allowing for as much student participation as possible.  In addition to career guidance WAY also included a Study Skills component, since poor performance in academics is one of the barriers career development that young people from economically difficult backgrounds face.



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WAY has now been integrated into our Jiva system of career guidance.